“This experience has been life changing for me – working with Ashley exceeded my expectations – I had a vision yet didn’t think it was truly possible! This has been the greatest gift I could ever give myself. Like an enormous weight has been lifted.  It’s starting to feel so peaceful! Ashley has a wonderful way of getting things done and yet allowing the time & space to do it with care and consideration and respect. I can’t wait to have her come back and help me continue to complete the mission!”

Sherry T

Bridgewater, Nova Scotia


“Ashley helped me create organizing systems that are tailored to my family’s habits & lifestyle. I thought it would be hard to get the kids onboard & it was such a relief to discover how a few simple tweaks & tricks could really make all the difference. THANK YOU!!!”

Hil M.

Petite Rivière, Nova Scotia

“Speaking as a retired professional organizer, specializing in relocation and whole home organizing, I was happy to find Ashley Kippers when I got stuck myself. 
She understood what was needed, worked through awkward conditions, and cleared my attic storage in record time, saving me months of procrastination and painful fussing. 
Ashley appreciates the deeper motives behind our clutter problems. She is kind and thoughtful in her coaching approach to creating mental serenity in homelife.
I would recommend her comprehensive skills and caring nature for anyone who is needing to declutter.”
Chris A.

Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

“I wish i had taken more “before pics”, but my thoughts are telling me, “who needs to see all my mess at home? I sure don’t!”
But now, I wish I had taken more bc the transformation is shocking!
I got the half day package with Ashley, and she got right down to it. It’s not just about organizing and cleaning up, she walked me through the process of only keeping what I really need and will use.
I honestly also thought I wouldn’t be able to keep up and it would be back to being cluttered again..but everything has a home and Ashley suggested simple systems that works for my family!
Thank you so much Un-Cluttered Home Organizing, it feels so good to have my relaxation area back, our Master bedroom. I feel relaxed and peaceful when I go to bed, and wake up every morning!
And the upstairs hallway is no longer bombarded with laundry and clutter.
Ashley brings professional expertise and service hands down!”
Rigel J.

Liverpool, Nova Scotia

“My only regret is that I waited so long. I wish I had gotten started SOONER!” It’s so peaceful now!
Anne M.

Bridgewater, Nova Scotia


“Ashley is great at encouraging you every step of the way and asking you the necessary questions to par down your clutter She is sensible in her approach, and confident taking on very cluttered spaces with you to guide and coach you to peacefulness in your home.”

Sarah B.



“After having different house Reno’s over the past couple of years so much of our stuff had been packed away, and never really properly organized. It was overwhelming to open any closets. I felt stressed about even beginning to organize. I contacted Ashley, BEST DECISION EVER! She really helped me focus on each space and really figure out how to tackle the clutter. Having small kids, and another baby on the way, Ashley really helped me feel less stressed about tackling the “stuff” and has really made our home peaceful!” 

Sam N.

Vogler's Cove, Nova Scotia


“Ashley has a way of helping you to get rid of more things without ever making you feel pressured!” 

Colleen O.

Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia


“We’re only one session in, but Ashley is AMAZING… And my pantry is like a dream come true. I had gotten as far as I could, with, “Mission: Dream Organization,” and Ashley is exactly the help and expertise I was hoping to find!” 


Blandford, Nova Scotia


“It’s hard to put into words the positive impact Ashley has on our space and the improvement I recognize within myself to make better choices when purchasing things, and putting things away. The new routines I’ve started and new strategies to keep things tidy, simply because there are fewer things has helped immensely! It might sound wild, but without Ashley I would still be using a step ladder to reach items I needed to get to on a fairly regular basis, like back up toilet paper and our hair dryer. Ashley has an innate understanding of how a space should function for the people using the space. She’s also the most efficient person on the planet and uses every moment to work, while being so kind and getting to know you!” 


Lunenburg, Nova Scotia