The trouble with STUFF!!!

We all have stuff, it’s a part of life. Some of it is useful, some of it was once important, and some of it is beautiful. But, as much as we love our stuff, it can sometimes become overwhelming and turn into clutter. Clutter can hinder our ability to live our best lives, making it difficult to focus, reducing productivity, and causing stress and anxiety. At Un-Cluttered Home Organizing, we understand the struggles of clutter and are here to help you declutter and reclaim your space, so you can live your best life.

Ashley Kippers owner of Un-Cluttered Home Organizing

For me, my clutter wake-up call came when I became a mom. With a child attached to me 24/7, I had little time and energy to deal with all the excess stuff in my home. It was a constant source of stress and anxiety, leaving me feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. But then, I had an epiphany: I needed less. I realized that the clutter in my home was not passive, it demanded my time, energy, and constant attention. In order to have more time for myself and my family, I had to reduce the clutter in my life.

I started drastically reducing the amount of clutter we had and with every box that went out the door, I felt myself breathing easier. Cleaning took less time, I had more time to play, and my home felt calmer. Embracing less allowed me to reclaim more of my life.

I believe that everyone can benefit from a simpler life, but I think it’s especially beneficial for women. With so much to juggle – motherhood, work, and home – women often carry too heavy a load, leading to overwhelm and burnout. My goal is to give women back their free time, to bring them peace and reduce their overwhelm. I want to help women learn the power of surrounding themselves with only things that bring them joy, so they can move lightly through life and always have room for what truly matters.

The less you own, the less that owns YOU!

keep life simple